Tourist tax

Like everywhere in France, at the end of your holiday or business trip, your host will ask you to pay a tourist tax. This fee is per person and per night.


Who collects the tourist tax?

Collected by the accommodation providers, the tax is then transferred in full to Clermont Auvergne Métropole.


Where does the money go and how is it used?

The tourist tax budget is used exclusively to improve tourism amenities:

  • Operating costs of the Tourist Office, including its services and its welcome centres (tourist information, groups, conventions, online marketing, etc.).
  • Constantly improving the quality of our tourist office, such as the Qualité label and ratings.
  • Creating experiences for tourists, such as cultural events and guided tours.
  • Publishing our website, brochures, practical guides and visitor pamphlets for all our guests, in French and in foreign languages.

You benefit directly from what you pay!


What are the rates and the conditions for exemption?

The rates are fixed by the Metropolitan Council, applicable from 1 January to 31 December of the current year. The fee is per night and per person.

Hotels, aparthotels and holiday rentals

- Palace and any other establishment with an equivalent tourism rating: €3.00
- 5-star hotels, holiday residences and holiday rentals: €2.00
- 4-star hotels, holiday residences and holiday rentals: €1.40
- 3-star hotels, holiday residences and holiday rentals: €1.10
- 2-star hotels, holiday residences and holiday rentals: €0.90
- 1-star hotels, holiday residences and holiday rentals: €0.70

Campsites and campervan areas

- Rated 3, 4 or 5 stars: €0.45
- Rated 1 or 2 stars or unrated: €0.20
- Space in a campervan service area or a tourist car park, per 24 hrs: €0.45

Guest houses and B&Bs

Flat rate: €0.70

Room in a private home

Hotels, residences, furnished accommodation, homestays or any other form of accommodation.
Single price: 3.5% of the amount excluding tax for the night/person (capped at €3/night/adult).

Exemptions (valid documentation required)

– Minors (under 18)

– Holders of a seasonal work contract employed on the territory of Clermont Auvergne Métropole

– Guests requiring emergency accommodation or a temporary relocation

– Guests on premises where rent is less than 1€

How to contest payment of the tourist tax?

If you think you have wrongly paid the tourist tax or that the proprietor did not apply the correct rate, you can claim a refund with Clermont Auvergne Métropole at +33 (0)4 43 76 22 33. Supporting documents will be requested.

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