Need an escape? Explore an endless natural playground.

Sports and nature

Explore an endless natural playground. The Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Nature Park surrounds Clermont and offeres countless trails and activities.


Nearby, explore the mysteries of the Earth and face the power of volcanoes at the Vulcania theme park. Nature offers pleasant walks and plenty of hikes, whether around the Puy de Dome, along the valley of the Tiretaine River or all the way to the Gorges of the Artière River. Our parks and gardens are also perfect for a long stroll. Head to the Allier River and the lake in Cournon for fishing and other water sports, including canoeing and kayaking.

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The Chaîne des Puys

The Chaîne des Puys is a chain of more than 80 volcanoes, lined up north to south. The range is 45 km long, with a width ranging from 3 to 5 km. The volcanoes are relatively young: the first eruption took place here 95,000 years ago, with the most recent one just 8,600 years ago. Its highest point is the Puy de Dome (1,465 m).

The Chaîne des Puys - Limagne Fault "tectonic arena" was granted Unesco World Heritage status on July 2, 2018. It is the first natural site in mainland France to be included on the list.

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No need to go far. With 300 km of marked trails, the natural areas surrounding the city are easy to get to by public transportation. Long hikes, strolls perfect for families, mountain bike trails or running paths: there's an outdoor activity for everyone, to enjoy for a day or several.

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Along the water

Water flows generously around Clermont. Go for a stroll or a jog along the banks of the Allier River. Hop in a canoe and explore unique fauna and flora. Or find the perfect spot to sit down with your eyes and ears peeled for signs of marine life, including ablet and roach fish.

Along the water