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The Spa of Royat is specialized in the treatment of cardiovascular and rheumatic diseases.

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Spa treatments


The carbogaseous waters widen the blood vessels, promoting blood circulation and easing pain. This natural treatment has no side effects and provides indisputable relief. The treatments prescribed by your spa physician provide lasting results: restoring your ability to walk, developing replacement circulation, decreasing and easing pain, improved joint mobility and a significant decrease in the need for medication.

2019 season: 11 March to 16 November 2019.

Health and Better-being Experience weeks at the Spa of Royat

Enjoy unlimited access to the benefits of spa therapy in an exceptional setting with the different packages offered by the Spa of Royat.

The health weeks allow you to treat different ailments with specific treatments using the beneficial spa waters.

With our Better-being Experience, create your package of four exceptional treatments from a wide range of choices.

Video: Royat-Chamalières Thermal Spas – Episode 2 “Auvergne’s Thermal Spas”

Our therapeutic recommendations

Cervical osteoarthritis

Spa treatments prescribed by a spa physician provide fast and lasting relief: exercises in the swimming pool, spa water mud bath, thermal gas insufflation under the skin, full immersion bath and more.


With subcutaneous injection of thermal gas, spa therapy is an essential complementary treatment for arteritis in the lower limbs. Thermal gas is a powerful local vasodilator, which allows practitioners to target its impact on the arterial area of the patient, down to the smallest vessel. The spa treatment may be used before or after surgery (bypass, angioplasty).

Raynaud's disease

By diffusing thermal gas through the skin and with local or general baths, patients see an increase in the vascularisation of the hands and a reduction in the severity of episodes.


Patients observe a beneficial effect on the elasticity of the skin tissue. From the first days of treatment, there's a decrease in the volume of bloated fingers. At the end of the stay, spa-goers with sclerodactyly (stiffening of the joints) observe better closure of the fingers.


Spa therapy at Royat-Chamalières can benefit a patient with fibromyalgia on several levels: for pain management, for fatigue and psychologically.

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